Mum and dad – take me to Mass

Here is one of the more beautiful true stories about faith. It started with the request of a young child.

She received the Sacrament of Confirmation in the parish church. I confirmed her. A year later I met her and her parents at a parish function. The parents told me about the significant year that had just passed in relation to their Catholic faith.

The family were Catholic but rarely went to Mass. They made a big effort when their Year 6 daughter was confirmed. With everyone else, they attended all the sessions beforehand in the parish school and started to attend Mass weekly. After Confirmation, however, they very soon slipped back to their previous habits and stopped going to Mass.

…..UNTIL! One Sunday morning their recently confirmed daughter said to them: “Mum and dad, please take me to Mass. I made promises to Jesus when I was confirmed. I want to go to Mass.” Somewhat reluctantly, the parents started going to Mass with her. Their child seemed to be more enthusiastic about this than the parents! But, little by little, their child’s good faith example started to help them grow in their Catholic faith too.

And then a year later – I met them. They shared how returning to the practise of their faith had helped them so much on so many levels – their faith life at a personal level, the level of their marriage and family life, and the way they approached life in general. They had also begun some modest charity work to help the poor.

What a miracle of faith! The Holy Spirit is alive! Allow the Holy Spirit to work in you and your family.