My Mum Mentor

I think I’ve found a Mum mentor, and I’m somewhat in awe of her – a wise and calm Mum of 12. Yes, one dozen children! (Two of them are pictured above).

I interviewed Diane Barrow last year about her life raising a tribe, which includes four sets of twins.  She seems to take it all in her stride, is full of gratitude and is open to having more.  Really, I found her an inspiration.

So I was delighted to receive an email from Diane this week, congratulating me on baby number four.

I remember last year (before Mr Four was born) feeling so chuffed when Diane said, “Wow – you’ve got three boys.  I take my hat off to you.  That surely must get noisy and wild at times.”  Well, yes Diane, but you’ve got many more to tame.

I can’t understand how this lady would have enough time to turn on a computer, let alone write and send an email.  However does she do it?

Anyhow, Diane wrote a lovely email this week, and included some sage advice which I wanted to share with you.

Here’s what she wrote: “Congratulations on the new addition (very belated sorry).  Life sure does spiral out of control for a while with so many littlies but it’s not a permanent life of chaos and it’s a lovely sort of busyness.

“In one of James Stenson’s books he says something along the lines of – ‘when parenting seems a great challenge and you wonder if you’re doing things right, go and look at your children when they’re asleep in bed.  When you see them so angelic and peaceful you know it’s all worth it’.

“I know it gives me a boost of hope and gratitude.  Thanks for sharing your ups and downs, it makes our home lives feel normal after all.”

I was touched that Diane took the time to write and I’m sure you agree that seeing your children asleep in bed is a precious thing.  It’s great to encourage each other as parents, and I’m more than happy to take praise from a Mum of 12 who, to me, is really a voice of knowledge and wisdom!