Passing on the love of Jesus to grandkids

I hadn’t even reached 60 before one of my beautiful young grandchildren told me I was very old and would probably die soon.

My grandkids and I often talk about Jesus, Mary, and our special Guardian Angel. I have it on good authority from one of my granddaughters that while sleeping over, a beautiful blue angel sat on her bed. I’ve had to smile while witnessing a grandson kneel beneath a bush and pray to an angel he saw there. I had a four year old draw pictures all over our cooler bag of Jesus nailed to his cross. What could I say? I felt humbled! My own four daughters struggle with some teachings of the Catholic faith but that won’t stop me from passing on the love of Jesus to my grandchildren.

I, like many other mothers and grandmothers of my generation, are disappointed that my children have turned away from Mass and Catholic belief. Two are divorced and remarried. The sad part is I told them from day one the relationship wouldn’t last. The mother of my “angel seeing” granddaughter married a Muslim man and on her wedding day I sat in a bare room in everyday clothes with a scarf on my head and listened to her say her vows.

There had been a misunderstanding: they thought they were going to complete paperwork and we almost didn’t go with her. It was pure luck we attended her wedding day! They are still happily married. I believe we are all God’s children and he loves us identically and unconditionally. You cannot follow the words of Jesus: Love Your Neighbour, and then not marry someone you love because they were bought up in a different faith.

So while my girls don’t attend Sunday Mass and practice the Sacraments they are all beautiful Christian women who carry the love of God in their hearts.