Your role at your child’s school

As a School Principal, and a father of four school aged children, I often find it difficult to be involved in my children’s schools. I can’t help in the school canteen, go on an excursion or help with reading groups.

Yet, as parents, we must all find ways to be actively involved in our child’s school. For me, it has to be events outside school hours, like attending a working bee or information night, or helping at the fete.

In times gone by the lines of demarcation were well and truly drawn between home and school. Parents dropped their children at the school gate and the teachers were in charge of everything that happened inside that gate. At the end of the day the children were neatly dispatched back to the parents and parents got on with the business of home life forthwith.

But times have changed, and partnership in education is something we have been talking about for a long time now; that between school, home and Parish.

A respected leading Australian Catholic educator, the late Barry Dwyer, wrote about why, as parents, we must be involved in our child’s school. Barry reminds us of? four things based on research:

  1. A student’s performance is strongly influenced by his or her parent’s attitude to the school.
  2. Achievement levels tend to rise when parents are seen to be interested and involved in their child’s schooling.
  3. Parental involvement can help develop a real sense of community within the school.
  4. Parents have many ideas and skills that can be very useful to their school community.

Are you involved in your child’s school? Our schools value your help. I am sure you will feel you are ‘doing your bit’ and your child will ultimately benefit too!