Why St Mary MacKillop is a Good Role Model

By Jamie Fraser, Jakeb Wiseman and Jasmine Fraser

Three students from St Mary of the Cross MacKillop College, Canberra share their thoughts on the patron saint of their school.

Throughout her life, Mary MacKillop accomplished many extraordinary things. She showed courage, determination and overall, a tremendous amount of faith. These virtues in particular are what led her to being the first Australian saint, and a great religious role model. Her legacy of compassion has inspired hundreds of Australians to be better people, and to help those less fortunate. She gave her life to those who needed it, and her quote, “Never see a need without doing something about it,” has motivated generations of Australian Catholics to better themselves by giving generously, and to live humble lives, regardless of the situations they find themselves in.
Jaimie Forster.

I find Mary Mackillop to be an exceptional role model to anybody. Although what she achieved and changed was over a century ago, her values and perseverance helps put our challenges in perspective. What Mary MacKillop did and achieved was extraordinary. Regardless of the circumstances she found herself in, even when she was excommunicated from the church she knew as home, she persisted with making a difference that was clearly visible to all. Mary MacKillop was neither the richest, nor the most faithful person alive, yet she demonstrates to us that irrespective of the situation and challenges you find yourself in you can make a change to anything you see fit to. “Never see a need without doing something about it.” – Mary MacKillop
Jakeb Wiseman

Personally, I view St Mary MacKillop as an exemplary role model; a woman of wisdom, kindness and virtue. Her perseverance, determined spirit, faith and integrity are a constant inspiration to many young women, her life empowering generations to ‘never see a need without doing something about it’. During her life, Mary MacKillop faced many challenges and internal struggles, however, she never ceased to turn her gaze towards the needs of others, creating a legacy of selflessness and charity. A legacy which many Catholics and non-Catholics alike, strive to uphold. I, myself, perceive St Mary MacKillop as a strong, magnanimous woman, whose spirit and dedication I aspire to emulate within my own life.
Jasmine Fraser