My Family, My Faith

‘My Family, My Faith’ is set up to communicate with, and support, families sending their children to Catholic schools.

  1. Catholic Schools for All

    Words: David Austin You often hear the saying, ‘as full as a Catholic School’, particularly if someone had a little too much to drink! Recently I attended the National Catholic […]

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  2. Our Family of Faith Just Got Bigger

    Damien Webb My name is Damien Webb and I am 29 years old. I am currently teaching kindergarten at St Clare of Assisi Primary School, Conder, ACT. I come from […]

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  3. Getting Comfortable

    Words: Penny Lucas Before meeting me, my non-atheist but non-believing husband associated churches with formality. He was there for a wedding or a christening or for ‘chapel’ during his school […]

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  4. Losing Myself to Find Myself

    Words: Noel Braun “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” Mahatma Gandhi For my wife Maris, early morning was the worst. One […]

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  5. Editorial

    Some months ago I was in Cooma for one of our deanery assemblies on Mercy in Marriage and Family Life. Over lunch I was chatting to one of the locals […]

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