My Family, My Faith

‘My Family, My Faith’ is set up to communicate with, and support, families sending their children to Catholic schools.

  1. Tips to help young people with a mental illness

     Compared to many kids, I had a really positive experience of school – or so it seemed. My grades were good, I always had leadership responsibilities and I had friends […]

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  2. Journey to Independence

    Our third daughter, Ceci, messaged me the day after I dropped her off at Uni in Melbourne. Thinking that she’d want some sensible advice from her dear old Mum about […]

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  3. ACU more than just a university

    The breadth of activities universities are actually engaged in often surprises many people. They are often of the view it is simply the next step on from primary school and […]

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  4. The Corporal Works of Mercy – visiting the sick

    In this Jubilee Year of Mercy, Pope Francis calls us to reach out in very practical ways to the sick. Susanne Schmidt writes of her experience as Pastoral Care Manager, […]

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  5. Faith is having a reason

    There’s only so much ‘Mums and Dads’ pretend-play I can handle if I’m to be perfectly honest with the world – which is not really all that surprising – playing […]

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