My Family, My Faith

‘My Family, My Faith’ is set up to communicate with, and support, families sending their children to Catholic schools.

  1. Building a functional enough family

    “I’ve encountered many wonderful families in my life, but I’ve    never met a perfect one.” Even the best families, full of love, affection and warmth, have their share of […]

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  2. Talking to God

    A Kindergarten teacher was leading morning prayer and finished with the ‘Our Father’. One of the children said they knew this prayer now ‘off by heart’ and would like to […]

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  3. Burying the Dead – a corporal work of mercy

    If you were to imagine what a Parish Bereavement Team might do, and look like, I wouldn’t be surprised if you pictured a bunch of older ladies supplying casseroles and […]

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  4. Finding home in the Catholic Church

    One of the greatest pleasures for a Bishop is to meet adults who are seriously contemplating becoming Catholics. This can happen at any time for the Bishop. It occurs, however, […]

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  5. Why our family became Catholic

    When Blake and Carrie Gracie moved their oldest daughter to Holy Family Parish Primary School, Gowrie, little did they know they were on the journey to becoming Catholics. Last year, […]

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