My Family, My Faith

‘My Family, My Faith’ is set up to communicate with, and support, families sending their children to Catholic schools.


    By Archbishop Christopher Prowse The Advent/Christmas season is upon us! Family life generally starts to take a more prominent focus in our minds and hearts at this time. Christmas cards […]

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  2. The first casuality of the truth is the obvious

    By Shawn van der Linden “The first casuality of the truth is the obvious” Someone mentioned this quote to me recently in the context of a discussion about the value […]

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  3. The Other Letter

    By Cathy Drumore On Facebook recently, I saw that someone had posted a link to a Spanish IKEA Christmas advertisement, “The Other Letter“. For those who haven’t seen it, children […]

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  4. School kids and holidays

    By David Austin Before we know it, the bell will ring for the final school day of the year and the children will be running out the doors excited for […]

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  5. Editor’s Note

    By Sharon Brewer The junk mail bulging from my mailbox is a sure sign that Christmas is just around the corner.  Not that I mind.  I love Christmas!  Except for […]

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