Archbishop to Speak at Ecumenical Rally

Healing the Wounds of Disunity – Celebrating Our Unity in Christ.
Come along from 2-3pm at the Great Hall, Parliament House on Sunday 7 February to join Archbishop Christopher Prowse at this Ecumenical Gathering. The purpose of the National Day of Prayer & Fasting and the 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting is to see a national revival and transformation that will affect every church and every facet of Australian society for the greater good of all.  For more information go to

The scripture in 2 Chronicles 7:14 encourages us to pray for our nation. Our prayer is that Australia as a nation would experience the love of Jesus Christ “who gave his life as a ransom for all” – 1 Timothy 2:6. We encourage you to pray in your own church on the day and send a delegation to the special 10am-4pm Prayer Service on Sunday 7 February 2016 in the Great Hall of Parliament House in Canberra. We invite you to continue with us in 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting for God’s ongoing revival and transformation of Australia from 10 February – 20 March 2016.

Representatives from many Christian Churches and denominations will gather at Parliament house on Sunday 7th February to celebrate National Day of Prayer and Fasting. The organisers say their prayer is that we can “all grow together in love,” and there is a special hour during the rally devoted to creating unity among Christians. The event is to be held in the Great Hall of Parliament House, sending a message of the significance of the cause to the nation. It will go for most of the day, with an eclectic worship band including members from different churches. Our very own Archbishop Christopher Prowse will be presenting at the event, extend Catholic love and mercy to our Christian brothers and sisters.

There is a special service between 2pm-3pm focusing on bridging unity between Canberra’s Christian Churches. This service is  called ‘Healing the Wounds of Disunity – Celebrating Our Unity in Christ,’ and will focus on the prayer of Jesus Christ when he said “that they may be one as you and I are one” (John 17). Archbishop Christopher Prowse, together with Ps Sean Stanton (Life Unlimited Church Canberra) and Bishop Stuart Robinson (Anglican diocese of Canberra & Goulburn) will be working together to speak truth and love into the need for unity.

For more information on the 40 days of prayer program, go to