Lay Groups and Movements

Looking for a Catholic Community, Movement or Group?

“The movements and new communities, providential expressions of the new springtime brought forth by the Spirit with the Second Vatican Council, announce the power of God’s love which in overcoming divisions and barriers of every kind, renews the face of the earth to build the civilisation of love,” (St Pope John Paul II).[1]

The Archdiocese has many Catholic lay associations, movements and groups that have developed distinctive spiritualities, charisms and ministries to encourage Catholics to grow in their relationship with God and with each other. These groups offer diverse faith experiences and services that enrich our parishes.

Browse our directories below to find a group that is best suited to your interests. If you would like to create a new Catholic social group, please speak to your local parish priest or contact your local parish office.

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[1] Pope John Paul II (1998), Solemnity of Pentecost, Eucharistic Celebration, Homily of His Holiness John Paul II, retrieved July 3, 2015, from: