St Augustine’s Parish

Meehan Street
Yass NSW 2582
Postal Address: PO Box 24, Yass NSW, 2582
Phone: (02) 6226 1086

Bowning, Gunning, Murrumbateman, Wee Jasper, Yass

Parish Priest: Fr Peter My
Parish Officer: Zuzy Webster (Mon and Wed 9am-3pm)

Mass Centres:
St Augustine’s, Meehan St, Yass
Wed 5:30pm
Thurs 7:30am
Fri 12 noon
Sat 9am
Sun 10:15am
Reconciliation: Sat 10am and 5-5.15pm

2nd Tues of the month, 11am Linton Hostel
4th Tues of the month, 11am Warmington Lodge/Horton House, Castor St, Yass

St Francis Xavier, Cullavin St, Gunning
Sun 8:30am
Reconciliation Sun 8:00-8:15am

Uniting Church, Murrumbateman
Sunday Mass held at Yass until further notice

Our Lady of the Rosary, Wee Jasper
5th Sun 10am

Mt Carmel Central School
Ph: 6226 3357