Poor Worm ~Puny Mite

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14 December 2017

Like me, I imagine that you are enjoying the first readings from Isaiah in this Advent season. Today’s text is from Isaiah 41:

I, the Lord, your God, I am holding you by the right hand;
I tell you, ‘Do not be afraid, I will help you.’

Do not be afraid, Jacob, poor worm, Israel, puny mite.’
I will help you – it is the Lord who speaks – the Holy One of Israel is your redeemer.

I like this business of God holding me by the right hand. Don’t you? I do waver and vacillate and I imagine you do, too. “Lord, take me by your right hand and hold me tight,” I pray.

But what about this business of being named a ‘poor worm, a puny mite?’
Well, yes, this is nothing more than an affirmation of the first beatitude, ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit, theirs is the kingdom of heaven.’

The eight beatitudes can be divided into two lots. The first three deal with vulnerability before God, while the remaining five deal with quiet confidence in reaching out to others. You will find them at Matthew 5.

A possible recipe for renewal this Advent?
So, let me confess my vulnerability before my Redeemer. Let me reach out in quiet confidence to my neighbour.

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