National Catholic Safeguarding Standards

Australian Catholic Safeguarding Limited (ACSL) was launched in December 2020 as a company to oversee all safeguarding, child protection and professional standards in Australia. ACSL integrates the functions of the former entities Catholic Professional Standards Ltd (CPSL), the Australian Catholic Centre for Professional Standards (ACCPS) as well as oversight of the Australian Catholic Ministry Register (ACMR).

The National Catholic Safeguarding Standards

The National Catholic Safeguarding Standards (NCSS) are designed to be implemented by all Catholic entities, ministries and organisations across Australia.

On 7 December 2022, Australian Catholic Safeguarding Ltd (ACSL) formally launched the second edition of the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards (NCSS) covering adults at risk as well as children. The Standards constitute a framework which articulates the requirements for Catholic entities to promote the safety of children and adults at risk through the implementation of policies and activities to prevent, respond to and report concerns regarding abuse. These are designed to drive cultural and behavioural change and promote accountability and transparency of Catholic Church leaders and their ministries and entities.

The release of the second edition of the standards (NCSS Ed.2) came just one week before the five-year anniversary of the Royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child Sexual Abuse’s final report. The first edition of the standards put measures in place to create safer environments for children, consistent with the National Child Safe Principles. This second edition also addresses the safeguarding requirements of adults, with a focus on adults at risk.

ACSL worked with the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC), Catholic Religious Australia (CRA) and the Association of Ministerial Public Juridic Persons (AMPJP) to develop the NCSS Edition 2. They will release guidance, learning materials and share resources and examples of good practice to address the new requirements of NCSS Edition 2. 2. Click here to view the NCSS Edition 2

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