Revelation or Reason?

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26 July 2018

Does your belief depend on your own understanding? In other words, do you try to fit revelation into your own reason?

Jesus’ challenge today is to break away from the belief of the world, to not limit God to our own understanding and to reject the presumption that ‘seeing is believing.’ If you find it hard to do this, let us bring it back to our own experiences. Did you know your eyes can only see 0.00035% of all the light there is in the spectrum? Your reality is but a tiny fraction of the true reality that exists. So it is with God.

Your experience of the life, the love, that God desires to give you will be but a tiny fraction of the true reality He is calling you to. It is for this reason that our reason cannot comprehend the fullness of His revelation. As we hear:

“You will listen and listen again, but not understand,
see and see again, but not perceive.”

Jesus is with you, speaking to you, in every moment. Can you hear Him? Can you see Him?

Challenge yourself today to not limit God to what your mind can reason. Allow Him to reveal Himself to you in new, beautiful, wonderful ways.


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