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Our vision
Xavier School of Preaching



The Xavier School of Preaching seeks to raise up a new generation of preachers – men and women – within the life and mission of the Catholic Church. 

The Word became flesh and lived among us.
John 1:14

The Word becomes flesh within the preacher. We seek to inspire, form and instruct Catholic leaders to preach the living Word with faith, love and energy. 

Preaching is an essential ministry in the life and mission of our communities, demanding knowledge, practical skills, rapport with listeners, prayer and authenticity of life. 


The Xavier School of Preaching has four specific objectives. 

  1. To enable you to speak and preach the Gospel in a variety of contexts. 
  2. To deepen your understanding of the dynamics of communication in contemporary society. 
  3. To connect your life of prayer with your theology and ministry of preaching. 
  4. To help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and discover a personal road map for the journey ahead. 




The Xavier School of Preaching is open to all the baptised. 

The Xavier School of Preaching is especially for: parish lay ministers, priests, deacons and seminarians, teachers and school leaders, diocesan and Catholic education leaders, members of ecclesial movements, catechists, and youth ministers. 

Successful applicants need to demonstrate: Pastoral engagement and experience, desire and motivation for preaching the Gospel, a life of prayer founded on the Word of God. 

The 2021 School of Preaching will be limited to 50 places. 


The Xavier School of Preaching is a multi-modal course, including innovative online resources and intensive experience. 

The intensive experience includes input from preachers and practical formation and training workshops aimed at developing your capacity to communicate. 

Topics include: 

  • Proclamation and Encounter 
  • Contemplation and Communication 
  • Mechanics of Public Speaking 
  • Practicums for Catechesis, Testimonies, Homilies, Public Preaching, Digital 
  • and Social Media 

Online resources will be utilised prior to and following the intensive experience. These will focus on the scriptural and theological content that provides the foundation for your ministry of preaching.

Themes will include: Theology of preaching, history of preaching, science and the art of preaching, communication theory and practice, modern media forms, proclamation and encounter.

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 St Christopher’s Pastoral Centre
Manuka, ACT 2603
$200 per person (excluding accommodation)
Dr Maeve Heaney VDMF