Social Justice Commission

The Catholic Social Justice Commission was established on Social Justice Sunday, 30 September 1990. Since then, the Commission has been working to put into action what the people of the Archdiocese called for through the 1989 Synod process.

Mission Statement

The Commission is committed to promoting and enabling the living out of justice as the right ordering of relationships among all of God’s creation in accordance with the Gospel and the social teachings of the Church.

In recognising the dignity of each person, the Commission looks to the respect and love given by Jesus in his relationships with others, especially poor, marginalised and disadvantaged members of society. It examines situations in which the proper balance of human relationships is upset. It works for the empowerment of oppressed individuals and groups, so that an environment is created in which the principles of justice and peace are upheld and practised.

The Commission recognises the sacredness of God’s creation, stressing the importance of humankind’s trusteeship of the earth and its resources and urging appropriate action for their preservation.
From time to time the Commission recommends to the local Church the making of public statements on specific issues concerning social justice.

Contact Details:

Street Address: Favier House 51, Cooyong Street. Braddon ACT 2601
Postal Address: GPO Box 3089, Canberra ACT 2601
Telephone: (02) 6235 5452

Download the CSJC Election leaflet, 2016 here