Response: Peter ROBINSON

A Vote for Justice

Candidates’ Survey Responses for ACT Election 2016

Response by Peter ROBINSON – Independent for Kurrajong



I’d like to see public tenants scattered throughout the community rather than concentrated in ‘ghettos’ with families given preference for house/gardens.

Mental health

I’d like to see non-custodial sentencing and programs for non-violent criminals.

The right to life

I believe a woman has the right to choose

I support a trial on euthenasia

The justice system

I largely agree with the principles you’ve stated here.


I support public education


Gambling is a pervasive social ill. I believe a gradual change in culture is the only realistic solution.

Climate change

Climate change is real. I’m open to suggestions.

Empowering Indigenous communities

Any moves against racial discrimination and disadvantage have to be on the table.

Equity in the economy

I’m not an economist, but I suspect the balance between private and public will occupy all assembly members minds.