Marriage, Family & Relationships

The Marriage Family and Relationships (MFR) office exists to extend the pastoral and educational activities that the Church undertakes in relation to life, marriage and family issues. Particular attention is given to the promotion of a deeper understanding of the human person, human sexuality and the uniqueness of marriage compared to other forms of relationships. Relationship and sexuality education is an area of focus for the MFR team who offer a range of educational programs for students in Catholic schools as well as the parents of children approaching puberty.

The MFR team also offers Natural Fertility Education for couples wishing to achieve or avoid pregnancy, as well as for people simply wanting to have a better understanding of their fertility.

The primary objective of the suite of programs being delivered by the Marriage, Family and Relationships ministry is to empower young people to make positive decisions about their lives. The MFR team presents them with a bigger picture about relationships than the one they get from their peer group and media influences. The team encourages young people to consider these issues in the context of faith and what they want for their own futures. They are challenged to have high expectations of the quality of their relationships.