My Body, My Life

Years 5 and 6

My Body My Life (MBML) is a two-part puberty and self-development program designed to bring parents and their children together to investigate the myriad changes occurring during puberty and adolescence.

A 90 minute interactive evening session involves parents and children in the “whats and whys” of puberty changes, exploring the physical, emotional and psycho-social evolution of the child into their adult Self.  Separate boys’ and girls’ seminars allow gender-specific content and a more in-depth opportunity for questions and discussion.  Parents are always grateful that our sessions address personal hygiene, mood affects and social and family relationships, taking the mystery out of these normal, natural changes. 

Students then follow up with a 90 minute in-class session the following morning, where they re-cap the night’s session and discover the stages of intrauterine foetal development.  Our classroom sessions are unique in that students are placed into small groups where they can ask questions and share their own stories in a safe, supportive environment under the care of trained facilitators.

MBML aims to “start the conversation”, facilitating healthy discussion between pre-teens and their parents, offering age-appropriate language, factual biological information, diagrams, activities and further ideas for conversations at home.  Each child’s journey through adolescence is unique and we encourage each person to navigate this challenging time in a way that supports themselves and their family.

For more information and to secure a booking for 2018 please contact the Relationships Education Program Coordinator:  M: 0429 192 869