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The CCD team aims to create a happy, prayerful and professional environment, which aims to teach the Great News that Jesus brings us, to Catholic children in Government Schools. Central to this is supporting our Amazing Catechists who’s generous time allows the care of these young ones.

Forms and Curriculum

Catechists Forms

Curriculum for Catechists

Training Days

Catechist Training Days offer times for our volunteers to gather and pray, grow in their professional skills, whilst networking with others.

These important days are held twice a year, across our beautiful Archdiocese, giving all Catechists the opportunity to grow in their skills. Many volunteers comment on what useful things are learnt and a gre

Dates and venues for these amazing days, can be by clicking the link below

CCD Dates (pdf - 139.50 KB)


Child Protection

CCD has strict protocols and procedures in place for managing child protection matters. The safety and wellbeing of young people in our care is our highest priority and we take very seriously any breach by school personnel.

We have a duty of care to provide a safe learning environment that affirms the dignity and integrity of each person. It is expected that all volunteers are aware of procedures and model positive, professional relationships.

For more information contact: 

The Institute for Professional Standards and Safeguarding. (IPSS)