Something Beautiful for God


Giving has always been a characteristic of the Christian community. We give to others because we are brothers and sisters in Christ.

We give as a response to Christ’s gift of himself to us. We feel the need to give because we have received so much.

We give because it is good to give. God has created us in such a fashion that we are most fulfilled when we give generously. It is our experience that this generosity comes back to us “one-hundredfold.”

Our financial giving is symbolic of our self-gift to the Lord and to those we love. Giving also symbolizes our place in the Church. Through baptism we become part of the Lord’s body and take our place in the Church.

Importantly, our giving helps our parish community to “breathe” so that we can carry out our mission to serve others. Our giving also helps us nurture and develop what past generations have bequeathed to us.

Easy • Secure • Convenient

Introducing Qkr! (pronounced ‘quicker’) by MasterCard, the secure and easy way to contribute to our clergy and parish missions from your phone at a time and place that suits you.

With the Qkr! app you can:

  • Contribute to the first and second collection plus any special donations
  • See your receipts on the app and get them sent by email if required

Step l Download Qkr!

On your Android phone or iPhone;
iPad users can download iPhone app.

Step 2 Register

Select your country of residence as ‘Australia’ and follow the steps to register

Step 3 Find your parish

Our parish will appear in ‘Nearby Locations’ if you’re within 10kms of the parish, or search for “Mary Help of Christians Parish”.

Step 4 Register your debit card

When first accessing our parish you will be prompted to add your contact details for our parish office information. This allows you to make orders and payments. All payments made through the App will be registered with your details.

Click on the buttons below to download the app to your Android phone or iPhone.



For more information on Qkr! app for parishes please contact Michele Murdock

Our Clergy (First Collection)
is for the support of our clergy in the parish and beyond

Funds are directed to:

  • The priests’ monthly stipend (salary)
  • Living expenses
  • Food and housekeeping
  • Archbishop and Vicar General
  • Priests in remote dioceses across Australia
  • Sick and retired clergy

Our Parish (Second Collection)
is for the maintenance and growth of your parish’s mission.

Funds are directed to:

  • Liturgical needs
  • Parish sacramental formation & pastoral programs
  • Utilities
  • Resources
  • Maintence of schools and parishes
  • Repayment of loans
  • Parish staff salaries
  • Clergy car expenses
  • Insurance

Our Special Collections

  • The Clergy Retirement Foundation (Father’s Day) (September)
  • Project Compassion Appeal (February, April)
  • Catholic Mission’s focusing on the Church’s worldwide missionary activities (July)
  • St Vincent de Paul (February, June, September)
  • Good Shepherd Appeal (education of seminarians) (April)
  • Archbishop’s Christmas Appeal (December)
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Select the payment type and click “Add to cart”easy-quicker-intructions3
Click on checkout and confirm paymenteasy-quicker-intructions4
Add a Visa or Mastercard and make your paymenteasy-quicker-intructions5
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