The Company We Keep

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26 October 2017

There are 150 Psalms. Today we pray Psalm 1 in our Liturgy:
“Happy indeed is the one
who follows not the counsel of the wicked;
nor lingers in the way of sinners
nor sits in the company of scorners,
but whose delight is the law of the Lord
and who ponders his law day and night.”

So, from the get-go, the Psalms tell us something crucial about human life – that “most of life depends on the company we keep.” 

This is particularly true of those in adolescence, surely. How often have we heard it said about “Johny” that he simply got caught up with the wrong crowd. But, the Psalmist is right about all stages of life. People have been derailed in mid-life, in retirement, too. 

Indeed, “most of life depends on the company we keep.”

Why not let this mantra resonate in your heart?

Why not whisper it in the ears of family and friends?

It might just reaffirm the importance of living in a Christian community – a community that ‘delights in the Lord, pondering his love and beauty day and night.’