The Current of Grace

“Holy Spirit, come!”

CCR Canberra Goulburn presents:

Golden Jubilee 2017

Catholic Charismatic Renewal

Archbishop Christopher Prowse invites you to gather with the Catholic Charismatic Renewal for a day of teaching!

When: 9:00am-4:00pm; Saturday, 11 November 2017
Where: Haydon Hall, St Christopher’s Pastoral Centre 55 Franklin Street, Manuka, ACT

To register, email your name, phone number and parish details to:
Or SMS/phone: Neda 0415 266 019, Susanna 0419 902 293 or Sandra 0405 692 999

Free entry (with a collection for the CCR in this Archdiocese)
Bring your own lunch. Morning/afternoon tea provided.
See the CCR website:

Program—Saturday 11 November

9:00 am     Praise & Worship
9:45 am     Welcome and Introduction to the day
10:00 am   Talk 1: Archbishop Christopher Prowse
10:40 am   Morning Tea
11:00 am    Adoration & Reconciliation (in Cathedral)
12:15 pm   Holy Mass (in Cathedral)
1:00 pm     Lunch
2:00 pm     Praise and Worship
2:30 pm     Talk 2 : Archbishop Christopher Prowse
3:00 pm     Show & Tell: Prayer groups & communities
4:00 pm     Close of the day

Pope Francis speaks about the Golden Jubilee:

“Fifty years of Catholic Charismatic Renewal……
A current of grace of the Spirit! ..This current of grace is for all the Church, not just for some, and no one among us is the “master” and all the others servants. No! We are all servants of this current of grace. ..Serve the poorest and the sick, this is what the Church and the Pope expect of you, Catholic Charismatic Renewal, and from all of you, ..all of you who have entered into this current of grace!”
Circus Maximus, Rome, 3 June 2017