The End

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I February 2018

We hear of King David – famous for slaying Goliath and infamous for committing adultery with Bathsheba and murdering her husband – in our first reading today. He is facing reality and certainty of death:

As David’s life drew to its close he laid this charge on his son Solomon, ‘I am going the way of all the earth. Be strong and show yourself a man.’

That’s it, isn’t it?

“I am going the way of all earth.” I will die. I don’t know when. It could be sooner than I think. I might last a little longer than I think. But I will die. No avoiding it.

To begin well is important. But if I haven’t – as some of us might not have – then all is not lost. Augustine thought that repentance restored what was lost. In the arena of human sexuality, for instance, he believed that sexual integrity is rehabilitated by conversion. This was something he learned from personal experience. He did not begin well, but he finished well.

“The End.” We focus our attention on this as we “begin” a new year. To try and finish well.

“The End” is glorious for us who believe. It is a definitive encounter with “him, whom we know loves us.” How I look forward to this, I must say! Eternal, resurrected life!

“The End” is important. The goal is important. But just as important is the “journey” we make to our end, from this day forward. In fact, by focusing our attention on “The End,” the meaning of the journey intensifies!

“Lord Jesus, grant us this grace: to walk the journey with you, knowing and loving you to the end, which is you!”


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