The Heart of the Matter

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25 August 2017

I love the story of Ruth and Naomi; it tells of how a deep and loving relationship changed everything for two women. Their lives were “bereft” after the death of Naomi’s husband and sons, but the love and genuine companionship that they found in one another brought them both closer to God.

How often it happens that God uses the day-to-day relationships we have with others, to show us His face.

Jesus also goes to the heart of the matter when questioned by the Pharisees. I wonder whether they expected him to nominate some obscure and legalistic ritual as the most important commandment.

In choosing the Shema, “you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind,” Jesus emphasises the importance of fostering a deep, loving and personal relationship with God. In adding the second commandment “love your neighbour as yourself” he points us to loving relationships with others and with ourselves.

The heart of the matter, according to Jesus, is love.


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