The Journey


3 August 2017


We come across a great Old Testament theme today. In fact, it is a great Christian theme. Indeed, all the world’s religions have this theme. It is assuredly a deep human metaphor, too. Life is a journey.

At every stage of their journey, whenever the cloud rose from the tabernacle the sons of Israel would resume their march. If the cloud did not rise, they waited and would not march until it did. For the cloud of the Lord rested on the tabernacle by day, and a fire shone within the cloud by night, for all the House of Israel to see. And so it was for every stage of their journey
(Exodus 40: 34-38).

It might be helpful to understand this terrific truth by taking its opposite – a life of wandering without purpose.

In fact, after the first recorded murder in the Bible by Cain of his brother Abel, we read of the punishment administered by God. Yes, that’s right, punishment. In the Bible it has a medicinal purpose.

God says to Cain that he will be banished to the land of “Nod.” It is a word that means “wandering.”

With serious sin the effect is just that: a person does not know where they are, where they have come from or where they are going. A dreadful state of affairs. Only with repentance will his/her “journey” be restored.

Notice that Exodus text. The “cloud” and the “fire” symbolise God’s presence. It is a consoling and purposeful presence.

I pray that you may experience it this day, so that your journey, from and to God, is joyful and in the company of many others.