They asked him to leave!

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4 July 2018

Jesus had turned up in their town bringing freedom and healing, and they wanted him gone. They knew how to manage or to at least avoid the demoniacs, but Jesus was a whole new challenge.

To be healed implies a whole new life. We don’t know what that might look like. Change, no matter how life-giving can scare us. Could we be resisting some change Jesus may want for us?

Before those cautious townspeople made it back to see Jesus, he would have had plenty of time for a long conversation with those two freshly freedmen, no doubt encouraging them into their new life.

Perhaps we too need to have a similar long conversation with Jesus about what “freedom and wholeness” would look like for us, so we can welcome the change he longs to bring us.

Lord help us to realise where we need to be freer and give us the courage to trust you completely.

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