Time for Prayer

This is an important moment to pray for our nation as we await the result of the Marriage Law Postal Survey to be released at 10am on Wednesday November 15.

The fact that participation rates in the survey have been so high indicates that this is an issue which touches us all.  As we pray, it is important to keep the welfare of our nation in mind. But we should also pray for the welfare of any individual, wherever they sit on the issue, who may feel discouraged by the outcome of the survey. We are all brothers and sisters and fellow citizens, regardless of our views.  It is important to pray that any hurt or division caused during the National Marriage Postal Survey will be healed and that we will all be empowered to communicate respect and concern for each of our fellow citizens.

To understand more about proposed changes legislation in the event of a ‘Yes’ majority you can read here a briefing paper from the Australian Catholic Bishop’s Conference. Suggested Prayers of the Faithful for next Sundays masses can be accessed here.