Unblock it

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24 May 2018

Do you know the ‘block’ button? That opportunity social media gives you, at your fingertips, to erase someone from your life? Yeah, that one. Have you ever used it? Have you ever wondered what would happen if you had one in real life?

What if that person you had ‘blocked’ was Christ? The risen Christ dwells amidst us. In the Church, we find His body, where He constantly is speaking to us. Some of what he says fills us with hope, joy, love. You scroll through that every day, ‘liking’ as you go. Other things, like today’s Gospel, are challenging. You might think it’s too much to handle. You hover over the block button. You click it.

The daily walk with Christ will challenge you to great faith. It demands you to reject a consumer Christianity where you only seek those things that you like; and, to seek to be challenged and become an imitation of Christ. Being challenged can hurt, it might even feel like you’re cutting off parts of who you are; your hands, your feet, your eyes as in today’s Gospel.

In this radical imagery, Jesus is challenging you to break out of your belief system. To allow his revelation to go far beyond your reasoning. Do you think your hand is important? Yes. But do you think that Jesus measures you by your hand, or your feet, or your eyes? No. He measures you on your faith, on your belief, on your desire for holiness. Don’t allow your belief to be limited. Don’t click the ‘block’ button on the extraordinary faith Christ is calling you to.

So where does this leave us? St Paul said, “I can do all things through Christ.” If you want Jesus to use you to change the world, you must first start with allowing Him to change your world. Today, challenge yourself to look at what’s stopping you, unclick the ‘block’ button on your belief and take a new step on the path to holiness.

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