Untold Mercy

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21 September 2017

The feast of St. Matthew today.

He was a tax collector, as you probably know, and when called by Jesus, left everything and followed Jesus.

You can read and meditate on his calling in today’s Gospel. As always, become silent and still, then read the passage slowly. Put it down. Pick it up again after some more silence. Let the scene sink into you. It will hopefully become your encounter, too.

I rather like the opening prayer of the Mass today. Its use of language is helpful.
In essence it says this:

O God, who with untold mercy chose Matthew, grant that we may hold firm in following you.

That phrase, “untold mercy,” makes me think.

Mercy is not only the forgiveness of sin, but the taking of sin, and the transformation of it, into grace. God takes what wounds us, and uses it for our good. Remarkable actually. Only God can do such things.

But it is a mercy that is “untold.” Perhaps the Church is inviting us to look back at our lives and see with greater clarity how God has transformed our lives from sin and sorrow, to grace and joy?

And perhaps these moments of grace should remain “untold.” They are so intimate and personal that they cannot, and should not, be spoken of?

What do you think and feel about such matters?

I leave it in your hands – and most especially in God’s hands.


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