1. July 18

    Vinnies launch the Goodies Junction

    [[{“value”:” (Goodies Junction Mitchell site manager Karinya Wheeldon makes a new friend in the cosy book nook.) KARINYA Wheeldon is bouncing with excitement as she shares her plans for the […]

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  2. July 18

    Ann Blakey, teacher librarian, Merici College, Braddon

    [[{“value”:”   In the Canberra and Goulburn region, teacher librarians play a pivotal role in sparking students’ passion for reading. Catholic Voice journalist Veronika Cox engaged with these educators, uncovering […]

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  3. July 18

    Prayer and gratitude the key to Dot Day’s 100 years of happiness

    [[{“value”:” “You’ve got to think of the lucky things. Be grateful for the little things and be happy.” Those are the pearls of wisdom from Dot Day, as she celebrates […]

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