Session 1

Walk in the spirit Session One

God’s Love – Who is God, who am I?

Session overview:
Many of us are a part of the Church because of our family tradition or because we want to be a “good person”; but what lies at the heart of Christianity is not a set of ‘rules’ but a relationship of love. This week we will spend time looking closely at this loving relationship and asking ourselves “Do we really believe in the love of God?”

Presenter: Maryellen Moore

Evenings Timetable:
7.30 Introduction and welcome – Archbishop Christopher
7.35 Worship song and prayer
7.45 Teaching on the evening’s theme – 25 minutes
8.10 Sharing/Testimony – 15 minutes
8.25 Discussion Groups – 30 minutes
8.55 Wrap up/Final Song
9.00 Close

Discussion questions:
What brought you into the Church? What brought you into this Lenten program?

2. Where can you see God’s love reflected in your life so far?

3. What are some of the incorrect images of God that influence your relationships with God, others and yourself?

This weeks reflection
God is beyond our understanding, yet we believe that God became accessible to us in the person of Jesus Christ. What are the Gospel stories from this week telling you about the loving nature of God? Where can you see compassion, mercy and healing? Use the Gospel stories this week to actively ‘rewrite’ any unhealthy images of God you may have identified.