Session 3

Walk in the spirit Session 3

Repent and Believe the Good News
(Mark 1/15)

Session overview:
Despite manifest signs of evil and sheer selfishness in the world, many have difficulty in locating the deep seated sinfulness in our hearts that give rise to sins. Identifying personal sin, for Christians, means also finding the even deeper forgiving mercy of Jesus. Repentance and belief in God’s loving forgiveness is the gateway to embracing the Holy Spirit in our personal and collective lives.

Presenter: Archbishop Christopher Prowse

Evenings Timetable:
7.30 Introduction and welcome – Archbishop Christopher
7.35 Worship song and prayer
7.45 Teaching on the evening’s theme – 25 minutes
8.10 Sharing/Testimony – 15 minutes
8.25 Reflection
8.40 Wrap up/Final Song/Close
8.45 Discussion Groups – 30 minutes

Discussion questions:
1. Do the deep questions: “Who are you, Jesus? and “ Who am I ?” mean anything to you?
2. Why do we have such difficulty in locating sin and mercy today?
3. What has your experience of the Sacrament of Reconciliation (or Confession) been?

This weeks reflection
To truly WALK IN THE SPIRIT means that we have deeply repented of our refusals to do so in our lives. We pray deeply with the Psalmist: “Have mercy on me God in kindness. In your mercy blot out my offence.” (Psalm 51/1)

In prayers of repentance and in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, we place our contrite and confessing hearts into the loving mercy of Jesus and see absolution and penance. We open ourselves like never before to the fresh pouring out of the Holy Spirit into our lives.