Session 5

Walk in the spirit Session 5

Session overview:
Over the last four weeks we have been preparing for this night when we have the opportunity to be prayed over for the Holy Spirit. Jesus told us to “ask and we will receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you”. All he needs is for us to trust him and open our hearts to him, allowing him to pour out his Spirit afresh upon us. This “big grace” of the baptism in the Spirit is a renewal of our sacramental baptism and confirmation, activating the graces of those sacraments in a new and powerful way.We need not worry about being overlooked or short-changed by God. He desires to awaken in us his love in a whole new way; we only need to say “yes” to him in union with the Blessed Virgin Mary, when she said to the angel,“Let it be done to me!”

Presenter: Fr Ken Barker MGL
Testimony: Kate Kirk

Renunciation of Satan:
Do you reject the glamour of evil and refuse to be mastered by sin?
So you reject Satan, father of sin and prince of darkness? Do you reject all his works and all his promises?

Commitment to Jesus, the Lord.
Lord Jesus, I commit myself to you as my Saviour and Lord I give to you all the memories of my past
I give to you my present experience And I place my future in your hands
I trust you with my life, and give my heart to you I ask you to baptize me in your Holy Spirit

This week’s reflection:
The Holy Spirit gives us the power to change our lives.The grace of personal transformation helps us to love God and love our neighbour, to be merciful, patient and forgiving.We find a deeper love for Scripture and the Sacraments, a de- sire to pray quietly and also to worship with tongues of praise.We find a new urgency to preach the gospel and share our story of God’s love with others.This week spend time reading through the Acts of the Apostles and see how the early Church welcomed the Holy Spirit. Ask the Lord to deepen you in your life in the Spirit. And be open to the gifts he may want you to receive.