Session 6

Walk in the spirit Session 6


Session overview:
Over the past 5 weeks the Lord has been leading us to a deeper encounter with the Holy Spirit. However, this is just the beginning. The Lord God wants us to continue to grow deeper in our relationship with Him, to grow in our love for our brothers and sisters, and to bear fruit in our lives. So what are the practices we should put in place in our lives to grow in our faith? We are also called to go into the world to be missionary disciples. How can we be missionary disciples in our daily lives?

Presenter: Peter Mullins     

Testimony: Anjalie Upasena

Evenings Timetable:

7.30 Introduction and welcome – Archbishop Christopher
7.35 Worship song and prayer
7.45 Teaching on the evening’s theme – 25 minutes
8.10 Sharing/Testimony – 15 minutes
8.25 Reflection/Final Song
8.40 Close
8.45 Discussion Groups – 30 minutes

Discussion questions:
1. What has been your spiritual experience participating in this lenten renewal experience?
2. In what practical ways can you respond to the call to build your relationship with Jesus, through prayer, scripture and the sacraments?
3. Can you identify a church community where you can share your life and serve, and be supported in your call to be a missionary disciple?

This week’s reflection
As you finish this lenten renewal experience, reflect on how the Holy Spirit has transformed you during this time. Express your gratitude to the Lord for His work in your life. Recognising that this is just the beginning of your future life in the Holy Spirit, ask the Lord to show you how you can grow in your relationship with God through prayer, scripture and the sacraments. Also ask the Lord’s guidance on how you can live your faith life with a faith community and through service and living as a missionary disciple.