What is a Life for?

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25 April 2018

Today, thousands of ordinary Australians will get themselves out of bed early to pray at dawn services all over our nation.

Remembering heroic sacrifice, untimely death and the horrors of war, we stand together praying for peace.

In this Easter season, we hear moving stories of those us who gave their lives so that we could live. It makes us think about what is worth dying for, what is worth living for. What would evoke a heroic response in me? What is my life about?

Answering these big questions, according to today’s Gospel, depends on believing in Jesus as the light in our darkness. Hearing his words and keeping them is the key to life that never ends. How do we let this truth alter our daily lives?

In the Acts of the Apostles, the disciples were actively waiting on God to direct their lives and show them how best to share the hope they had with others. They knew that people’s lives depended on their response to God’s word.

Lord help us to take our lives and our faith seriously, show us how we can best use our lives for the sake of others.

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