What’s important?

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5 July 2018

Today’s Gospel shows us two profound miracles occurring within one man. The first is the forgiveness of sin. The second is the healing of the body. Which one do you feel is more important?

To understand what Jesus sees as the priority, we must remember that God’s priorities are different from ours. His focus is on bringing you to himself – so that you can spend eternity experiencing the very thing you have been created for. This life of pure of love is the very thing the Church prays for -and Jesus was praying for – in today’s scripture. For Jesus, the priority was the primary healing of the soul.

Sickness or physical illness can be a temptation to reject God, feeling like such a cross is too big of a burden to bear. But what Jesus is saying is not that the physical is not important, but that the priority is the state of your heart.

The gift of Jesus to His Church in the Sacrament of Reconciliation illustrates this. The Sacrament heals of the tendency to prioritise the body over the soul and to ask for the grace to bring ourselves closer to God at this moment – just as we are. This is the most significant healing that a human being can experience – but it is also a perfect human experience. For a human experience, it must have both a spiritual and a physical component. The Sacrament of Reconciliation allows us to come to Christ physically through the Priest and spiritually through the Confession and go from Him physically and spiritually changed. The Sacrament of Reconciliation could be the key to unlocking a paradigm shift in your perspective.

Are you ready to come to Christ and go a changed person? Are you ready to shift your priorities to align with God’s? If yes, take control today and determine what’s important to you.


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