ACU students seeing the Signs of Faith

Pre-service teachers in the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn, studying at the Australian Catholic University are being formed to lead our Catholic schools to become centers of the new evangelisation through the Signum Fidei Catholic Life and Mission Program.

Signum Fidei, or Signs of Faith, is run nationally by the ACU La Salle Academy that seeks to form undergraduate teachers to realise the aspirations of the new evangelisation before they enter our Catholic schools as teachers.


Earlier this month, students gathered for the first component of the Program, the Signum Fidei Retreat.  Here are some students sharings on the Retreat experience.

It has given me more appreciation and respect for faith and the importance of developing and supporting our students in their own faith journey.
Nicola Di Bartolo

I want to nurture students faith and belief in God through inspiring me to further my own faith in God.
Rachel Pearson

I was able to reflect on my faith journey and see where I can do more and jump in.
Louise Osborne-Goldsbrough

It helped me see how faith can be seen in my life.
Teegan Blakers

Among the chaos, I found it was exactly what I needed at the moment.
Alannah Hodge

It was a great refresher for me! It was pitched very multi-dimensionally to cater for all people and where they are at.
Kate Mancklon

The first component of Signum Fidei was experienced by approximately 20 pre-service teachers through an intensive retreat experience focusing on the signs of faith in our life, by breaking open the Emmaus story, and an invitation to step out in faith. This experience allowed the students to focus on reflection, sharing and teaching about the Catholic faith in a faith community context as well as a number of opportunities for prayer and worship.

The next step for these students is to engage in the life and mission of the Catholic Church outside of ACU.

The Signum Fidei Catholic Life and Mission Program is also used as ongoing formation for the Canberra and Goulburn Youth Ministers.