Focus Areas

School Youth Ministry

What: CSYMA teacher-led, fourphase model of student formation across Catholic secondary schools including:

  1. Retreat Experience
  2. RE Curriculum
  3. Youth Ministry Team and Academy
  4. Connection with Broader Church

Youth Events

What: Regional events for students in Catholic secondary schools including:

  1. Shine Gathering
  2. iWitness Conference Broader Church events including:
  3. Youth Ministry Equipping School
  4. Academy Retreat
  5. Shine and iWitness Youth Rallies
  6. Australian Catholic Youth Festival

Youth Ministers

What: Parish and school-based youth ministers that are situated throughout the Archdiocesan regions with identified schools and Parishes

Youth Minister placements are post-school and on a part-time or gap-year.

Church Community Youth Ministry

What: Establish Regional Youth Ministry Bases as a connecting point between Catholic schools and Church communities (Parish and ecclesial movements). Youth ministry initatives conducted out of the Youth Ministry Base could include:

  1. Youth Mass
  2. Youth Academy
  3. Youth Rallies and
  4. Youth Groups/Young Adults Ministry


What: Cross-cultural mission opportunities to students and Youth Ministers including:

  1. Northern Territory
  2. Uganda