Catholic Voice

  1. December 1

    Archbishop’s Aussie joke sends Pope into hysterics

    “TANTI kanguri,” Archbishop Christopher Prowse said as he greeted Pope Francis in Rome on October 28, prompting a burst of laughter from the Argentine Pontiff. The Archbishop said he thought […]

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  2. December 1

    Pro-life prayer vigils banned

    PRAYING silently outside an abortion clinic in Canberra will be a criminal offence attracting a fine of up to $3,500, under legislation passed recently.

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  3. November 4

    Families, faith and the universal Church

    WHILE most Catholics know about World Youth Days which involve millions of young people coming together to celebrate faith and hope in the future of the Church, not many would be aware of the International World Meeting of Families. 

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  4. November 4

    Parish of St Alphonsa

    IT BEGAN with just eight families in 2006, but nine years later Canberra’s Syro-Malabar community has reached such a large size that it has been established as a parish in its own right.

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  5. November 4

    Archdiocese farewells loyal servants

    SHAWN van der Linden and Shane Dwyer, two of the Archdiocese’s most senior pastoral services staff, were farewelled last month after many years of service. 

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