Caring for Creation

The Caring for Creation movement in the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn aims to promote and to support implementation of the papal encyclical “Laudato Si – On Care for Our Common Home” across the Archdiocese – in parishes, in schools, etc. The movement also seeks to work together with other members of the ACT Council of Churches.

Our Archbishop stresses the importance of reading and understanding the breadth of the papal teachings in Pope Francis’ encyclical and of assessing practical responses. Some parishes are convening dialogue sessions on it, others also taking practical steps. A 50-minute presentation is available on YouTube, where global Laudato Si consultant, Jacqui Rḗmond outlines key messages in each Laudato Si chapter.

The Australian Bishops are committed to implementing the Vatican’s framework for Laudato Si forward action plans ( Laudato Si action planning is also seen as a vital part of renewal and evangelisation in the 2022 Plenary Council decrees.

Our Archbishop Christopher Prowse speaks of the depth of the Pope’s concept of integral ecology, the important theological and moral dimensions of our situation on Earth, and also of walking alongside our First Australians to learn from their lead about our place in God’s creation.

In solidarity with parishes, schools and other organisations, the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn enrolled in the Vatican’s action platform in May 2021. The enrolment requires a public reflection on how our values connect to the Laudato Si goals and this is available with the Laudato Si action plan 2023-30 at the links below.

The caring for Creation movement is ecumenical in nature. Pope Francis has joined with the Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch and the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury and with other faiths to call on Christians to cooperate together. Their ecumenical statement urges us to “Choose life!” for future generations in caring for creation.

On 4-October 2023 Pope Francis issued a papal exhortation Laudato Deum addressed to all people of goodwill about the climate crises. It calls for effective global action to address the climate crises that impact us all and particularly the most vulnerable. The Pope is dissatisfied with the adequacy of global responses to date and intends to be present at the UN conference on climate action COP28 in Dubai for three days 1 to 3 December (early in the proceedings).

The Care for Creation movement in the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn is planning for multi-faith prayer in order to show public prayer support for COP28 outcomes as a mainstream faith issue.

The movement has received official authorisation to assemble for this on the lawns in front of Parliament House at 2.30-4pm on Sunday afternoon 26th November and again at 8-9.30pm on Monday morning 27th November.

An invitation for people of all faiths to join in the public prayer gatherings is attached below.

Further information on the movement and resources for implementing Laudato Si are available at or by contacting the movement on

Please find here downloadable Reflection on Laudato Si’ goals
Please find here downloadable version on the Laudato Si’ Action Plan
Please find here downloadable version on Laudato Si’ Movement Newsletter
Please find here downloadable version of the Poster/Flyer on the Interfaith Prayer Support for COP28 on 26th and 27th November