A time for mothers to talk and heal

Where angels long to look …(1 Peter 1:12)

ANGEL’S are God’s messengers and God’s warriors. Our Guardian Angel helps us in the tremendous work of saving our immortal soul. Guardian Angels pray for us and with us. They offer our prayers, our suffering and our good desires to the throne of God. Our Guardian Angel will not rest until the day our soul is introduced into Paradise, where it will share with us the never-ending hymn of praise and thanksgiving to Jesus, Lord of Heaven.
The recent Mothers Prayers retreat gave us time to rest, to contemplate, to talk, to heal and to experience God’s love. The group came together with a sense of peace and joy, anticipating the blessings of Our Lord. During the weekend there were interesting and informative talks and reflections as well as the opportunity for times of solitude and community. We celebrated Mass each day and had a most beautiful healing service with Reconciliation. The mothers were blessed by receiving the well-deserved hospitality and care of everyone at St Clement’s Galong. The weather was gorgeous and the pool inviting and restorative.
One participant emailed after the retreat saying “the serenity and beauty of the weekend have permeated the days following and encouraged me as I have taken time to reflect.”
Where angels long to look … we long to be