God’s moment of assurance for Amy


MISSIONARIES of God’s Love postulant, Amy McCabe, said she experienced Jesus’ reassurance in lead-up to her making her initial vows.

Originally from Perth, the 21 year-old, reflected on the commitment she was making.

“I noted that as I said yes to God with my whole life, God was also giving his whole self to me in a profound way,” she said.

“It something speaks of the intimacy that God desires to have with each and every person.”

The Mass and vows ceremony were a celebration of the joy and gift of consecrated life.

Amy recounted that she felt deeply encouraged and graced to live out her vocation, especially as some of the experiences which had led her to the point where she was able to say yes to God’s invitation entered her mind like a slideshow of memories.

She reflected that far from being focused on herself alone, she believed that the celebration was as much for everyone else as it was for her, because it was really a celebration of the goodness of God.