Archdiocese ready for arrival of refugees

PREPARATIONS for the arrival of thousands of refugees in the coming months are continuing, as the Archdiocese looks to provide as much assistance as possible to those in need.

During November, the Archbishop’s Refugee Committee (ARC) met with staff from the Department of Social Services, to discuss the proposed resettlement process.

While the number of refugees to be resettled within the Archdiocese is not yet known, it is possible that parishes and individuals will be able to assist by providing accommodation, the ARC’s Victor Dunn said.

The Migrant and Refugee Settlement Services of the ACT also hosted a meeting recently, where it was indicated that it was unlikely that any refugees would arrive in the ACT before January 2016. cvaa00327c_pdf 2

“The meeting was also informed that all arrivals would likely be based in Canberra for six to eight weeks for initial processing, after which they would be relocated to other parts of the region,” Mr Dunn said.

“There is every indication that refugees will be settled in rural communities and to this end parishes are invited to indicate their willingness to assist in the settlement and support of refugees.

“An indication too of those individuals who are willing to participate in training would be welcomed by the ARC.”

Parishes and individuals wishing to assist or donate to the Archdiocesan refugee fund can contact the ARC: A payment portal will also be established on the Archdiocesan website in the near future.