College has new cyber weapon against bullying


ST CLARE’S College is using a new cyber tool to address anti-social behaviour intended to intimidate students.

Through an anonymous online reporting portal Safeguard, students can report anything from bullying and mental health concerns, to more curriculum-based issues.

The reporting tool allows students to contact the school’s pastoral team directly.

Assistant Principal Pastoral Care Bridget Bandle says benefits of the program include being more proactive when dealing with poor online decision making as well as providing students with another channel of communication.

“SafeGuard has provided us with an opportunity to support our students in a new way allowing us to address anti-social behaviours that intimidate others,” she said.

“The information shared through this portal has led to peer support and many successful mental health interventions.

“No longer are our parents playing catch-up with their daughters around apps and new technologies.”

Tom Zinkel, of Perimeter Guardian, said the company was able to complement the St Clare’s pastoral program.

“The work we do with new technologies provides early intervention and prevention opportunities,” he said.

“We also monitor social media platforms, forums, blogs, and then provide a monthly report outlining all of the online mentions for the school.”

Perimeter Guardian protects over 10,000 students in schools in Canberra, New South Wales and Queensland.