Good Friday 2017

ARCHBISHOP Christopher Prowse has spoken out on Good Friday encouraging the entire Christian community to become more ecumenical in their efforts going forward and in doing so, he highlighted the piece of Scripture from John 17:21, which reads “that they may become one”.

Speaking at the ecumenical Stations of the Cross gathering at the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture in Barton ACT, he spoke of the importance of a united front particularly in light of the recent persecution of the Coptic Christians in Cairo, Egypt.

Cathedral Administrator Monsignor Woods helped organise the gathering, which featured Fr Martins Aloga playing the role of Jesus, while seminarians Alexander Osborne and Namora Anderson were Roman Soldiers and Susannah Bishop of the Cathedral Choir was involved with the music throughout the morning.

Bishop Pat Power and Fr Matthew Kunnapallil were also in attendance.

Later in the afternoon at 3pm, the Archbishop led the Catholic community in the Commemoration of the Lord’s Passion at St Christopher’s Cathedral which involved the Good Friday Passion Gospel and Holy Communion.

Deacon Mick O’Donnell processed up the aisle of the cathedral with the wooden Cross which was venerated by the congregation and the cathedral choir led by Jaki Kane added to the liturgy.

On the most sacrosanct day of the Christian calendar Archbishop Prowse spoke to the congregation about the importance of trusting Jesus in tough times, saying that is exactly what the Church is going through at the moment.

He illustrated the difference between the way Peter and Judas handled their respective denials and betrayal of Jesus.

“Peter relied on God’s mercy and was resilient, while Judas focused on his guilt and committed suicide by hanging himself,” the Archbishop said.

“Who are we Peter or Judas?” the Archbishop rhetorically asked the congregation.

Archbishop Prowse also spoke of the importance of the words ‘Our Father’ (Abba) at the beginning of the Lord’s Prayer in addition to promoting the Eucharist as the central point of Catholic worship.

  • Seeking God’s mercy? This year’s Divine Mercy Sunday celebration will take place at St Clement’s Retreat Centre at Galong from 2pm on Sunday, April 23. For more details contact Gus and Ellen Staunton on (02) 6385 5225.