NET team depart

net-farewell-photo-1The Archdiocese has bade farewell to the Goulburn-based National Evangelisation Team.

Archbishop Christopher Prowse thanked the team, as did former Archdiocesan Youth Worker Josh Goldsbrough.

Catholic Voice asked each member of the team about their 12-month experience on NET.

Harmony Miller: My time throughout this year has been a journey I will never forget. The people I encountered on retreats and on an everyday basis have left a most positive impact on my life. The students I have been able to minister to have inspired me to continue to show others the love of God in their lives and being able to be apart of that journey in one way or another has been a really rewarding experience.

Emily Millan: This year has probably been the hardest and most blessed year of my life. I was able to grow more in holiness and encounter youth all around the Archdiocese who longed to deepen their love for Jesus with me. As a Canadian I found it really difficult being half a world away from my family, but Jesus found me a new family in my team and in the Archdiocese. Thank you for journeying with me this year.

Dan Bottesini: I’ve had such groovy year on NET. I’ve experienced so many amazing things and met so many amazing people that have changed my life for the better and grown a stronger relationship with God. I’ve loved travelling all over the Archdiocese and experiencing all the different things: like the cold weather of Goulburn, the beautiful beaches and the city life of Canberra.

Andrew Lemalu: One word which summarises this year of NET for me is “blessing”. Besides Melbourne (where I was born), there aren’t many places I’d rather call home. The people I’ve encountered make it one of the best places to experience God’s wonder. I can’t thank the amazing people throughout the Archdiocese enough for showing me how blessed I am to have served this year on the team.

Carmel Bonaventure: This year on NET has given me amazing opportunities to be a witness to my own faith and to see first hand the conversions of others. Seeing young people open their hearts and minds to developing a relationship with God, and allowing God to work though me to foster this, has been so enriching, not just to their faith, but my own. This year has definitely been a rewarding one.