One-in-every-four lost to abortion


PRO-LIFE Sydney medical student Matt Lennon says one-in-every four of his generation has been lost to abortion.

The 23 year old is Canberra bound along with 14 other young adults involved with Youth For Life.

“There are 15 of us travelling from Melbourne to Sydney to tell the story of our voiceless, brothers, sisters, cousins and friends who aren’t here today because of abortion,” he said.

In Canberra the group will hand out information leaflets in addition to performing peaceful protests and demonstrations.

This will involve holding billboards and information placards on the E row near Northbourne Avenue on Sunday, December 3.

“We encourage locals to come and join us on the day,” Mr Lennon said.

“Please pray for us as we travel that hearts and minds are changed and transformed.”

Youth For Life and their work can be seen at or via their social media outlets on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Links to these are available on the website.