St Christopher’s Pastoral Centre blessing and opening

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“THIS project is the culmination of many hours of work by a large number of people,” Archdiocesan Financial Administrator Helen Delahunty told more than 200 people at the blessing and opening of the newly completed St Christopher’s Pastoral Centre and Marian Place residential complex on September 20.
“We are privileged to be standing on the shoulders of the wonderful staff and committee members who proceeded us,” she said.
In her speech Ms Delahunty spoke about the satisfaction of having the project completed after it had been in construction stage since May 2015.
She discussed the enormity of bringing such a monumental effort to fruition and described all the benefits which have accompanied the Archdiocese’s move to Manuka.
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St Christopher’s Pastoral and Residential Centre (13 years in the making)


Herbie O’Flynn asked Emeritus Archbishop Francis Carroll to start thinking about what to do at the site of the former Haydon Hall and St Christopher’s Cathedral Presbytery in Manuka, ACT.


The Cathedral Precinct Development Committee began under Archbishop Mark Coleridge and operated until 2014. Members of the committee included Brian Lucas, Bernie Cusack, Chris Doogan, Dennis Morris, Pamela Slocum, John Malouf, Mgr John Woods, Fr Francis Kolocherry along with Rodney Moss and Gerard O’Connell from Cox Architecture.

2013 (November)

Archbishop Christopher Prowse arrived to a project that was all ready but needed the approvals to start. Archbishop Prowse then consulted the priests of the Archdiocese, with the majority giving it their blessing.

2015 (May)

Demolition works began on the Control Group was born. The group Joe Mammoliti (building project Colbartardo and Dominic Staltari Constructions, Rodney Moss, Gerard Eamon O’Donoghue from Cox Pratt from WT Partnership, Cathedral Mgr John Woods and Archdiocesan Administrator Helen Delahunty.

2015 (June)

The turning of the sod ceremony with Archbishop Christopher Prowse.

2017 (July 8)

Building works at St Christopher’s Pastoral Centre are virtually complete. Archdiocesan staff move into the centre from Favier House and the Rheinberger Centre respectively.

2017 (September 20)

Archbishop Christopher Prowse and Archbishop Mark Coleridge join Apostolic Nuncio to Australia Archbishop Adolfo Tito Camacho Yllana to open and bless the newly completed St Christopher’s Pastoral Centre incorporating the 44 Marian @ Manuka Independent Living Units. More than 200 people attend the opening and blessing.

2017 (September 20)

Archbishop Christopher Prowse, Archdiocesan Financial Administrator and Apostolic Nuncio to Australia, His Excellency Archbishop Adolfo Tito Yllana unveil the plaque at St Christopher’s Pastoral Centre.